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Everything you need to know and shop this summer

Summer loving:

Everything you need to know and shop this summer, from current trends, styling tips, outfit ideas, and more.Summer is second favorite season when it comes to clothing, gotta love summer summer colors, the breeziness of the fabrics, and the freedom to walk past my coat closet for at least 3 months of the year.

Since not big on trends, or on purchasing clothing that has an expiration date Think classic style, not trends. These style tips will work year after year.

should wear cotton clothes in summer because during summers we tend to sweat a lot and cotton fabric absorbs this sweat and helps the body to cool down. Cotton clothes provide better air circulation leading to more absorption of sweat and thus gives a cooling effect to us.

  • Light Colors are Better Than Dark: Not only will lighter colors keep you cooler (black absorbs more heat), but they also have a better summer vibe. I mean you could wear dark colors such as black, charcoal, violet, or dark blue, but it doesn’t have that light airy feel that is synonymous with summer.
  • Natural makeup is best: Light and natural makeup is the way to go during the summer season. Put away the heavy black eyeliner, dark shadows, heavy foundation, and dark lipstick. Instead wear pretty neutral eyeshadows, tinted moisturizers, and nude, pink, or rose stains and tinted balms.

As for foundation, unless you’re going to a summer event, wear a tinted moisturizer. To add that gorgeous summer glow add a touch of liquid highlighter to your summer makeup routine. Just dab a bit of highlighter to the tops of your cheekbones, brow bones, and the bridge of your nose.

  • Flowy Tops, Dresses & Skirts are Better: Find clothing made in light cotton, silk, chiffon, lace, or crochet. The summer calls for light fabrics that float in the wind. To give off the summer lovin’ vibe, opt for flowy clothing instead of anything that is skin-tight.  This applies to everything: dresses, skirts, tops, rompers, and even shorts.
  •  Tops and Dresses Are Always Sexy: Every couple of years off-the-shoulder clothing becomes popular. All the stores have them in stock and everyone is wearing them. But off-the-shoulder tops and dresses are stylish every summer. Don’t think of them as trendy or disposable, because they really are a fashion staple that you can wear every year.
  • Summer wear for women’s style: If you look at your closet and wonder what costumes you should buy, then here is some inspiration to seek from. You can keep these styling tips in mind while you begin your shopping spree. We intend to advise you on the must-have summer wear collection, that does not only keep you cool and comfortable but also upscales your style quotient. From classic summer wear to a designer creation, here is everything to help you beat the heat in style.
  • Ethnic tops: The short jacket also goes well with traditional dresses and ethnic tops. A short jacket in a comfortable material enhances the look immensely. It gives a very refreshing look and adds a tinge of classic style to turn all the heads around on you.
  • New Kurti designs: Cotton is probably the best fabric for summers, and we all know it! Cotton Kurtis up to knee length in colorful shades is the best way to handle summers. Cotton suits are a feminine dress that can never go wrong as it suits women of all ages and sizes. Pair it up with plain and comfortable leggings and flats footwear. You can buy Kurtis online and explore new Kurti designs too.
  • Denim shorts: This sleek outfit will sureThis sleekly be an ideal summer choice.The walkout in the sun when you dress up yourself in rugged denim hot pants. Stand out yourself by flaunting a different color of denim, such as baby pink or grey, rather than just the tones of blue.
  • Women’s Kurti: Dhoti salwar suit is for every weather condition – summers too! You can wear them in different shades and prints. Wear them with a short collared kurta or long top. Long body or round shape, the dhoti set looks incredibly cute on almost everyone. Either wear women’s Kurti in the matching shade or make a unique statement by wearing a complete contrast, whatever you do, do it with confidence! Find more designs of kurta for women online.

With warmer weather ahead, now is the time to take stock of the pieces in your wardrobe. But the key to making it through the season with style and ease is to ensure that you have a well-rounded assortment of summer dresses on hand to fit a range of occasions. Get your wardrobe ready for summer now!

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