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4 Point Checklist To Identify If It’s Time To Renovate Your Office Roofing

The office roof is usually the most neglected part of a commercial building. Mostly because it’s the least utilized and there is hardly any regular contact or need to check the roof. This is the reason many companies end up having to do an overhaul of the roof, rather than just minor repairs. If it’s been a while since you’ve checked your roof, here’s a quick checklist that will help you identify if it’s time for a complete renovation or if you can make do with quick repairs.

  1. Bubble Pockets in the Roof

Bubble pockets are a common sight in commercial buildings located in humid areas. These pockets are caused by moisture that’s trapped in between the building material that covers the roof. Most people tend to ignore the first signs of bubbling, but if you catch them at an early stage, there’s a chance for repairs. If the roofing work is done by a well-qualified agency, then it’s highly unlikely for these bubble pockets to appear. Most construction experts are aware of the climate conditions of the region and know how to accommodate for specific problems.

Another clear sign of moisture retention in the roof is if you find your roof warping and areas of wet patches. These are obvious signs of a rapidly deteriorating roof and it’s time to reach out to the best commercial roofing companies at the earliest.

  1. Extreme Temperatures Inside

You should watch out for extreme temperature changes indoors. If you’re feeling colder or warmer than usual, even though your temperature maintaining devices are set at the regular setting, it’s time for a roofing inspection. In most instances this means that the roof has lost its ability to provide insulation from outside temperatures. It’s time to check your roof for telling signs of damage.

  1. Stagnant Roof Water

If you find that the drain pipes of your roof are letting out only trickles of water, or much lesser than expected, then surely the rest of it is getting left back on the roof. Having clogged drains could be one of the reasons for this. It’s an absolute must to have your building maintenance staff conduct regular drain inspections and checks to avoid water stagnation. If you leave this problem unchecked, it will lead to moisture seeping into the insulation and much more elaborate renovation work.

  1. Age of the Roof

Last but not the least, is the age of the roof. It’s ideal to get the roof replaced every 10-15 years. If it’s been a while since you’ve done a roof renovation, then it’s time to get the job done now, rather than wait for severe damage. With age, a lot of the insulation ability starts fading, moreover, the roof connectors may have become loose or fallen off. Also, it would have weathered several rough climates, rains, and other climatic conditions.

If you’ve noticed any of the above points, go ahead and replace your commercial roofing, don’t hesitate!

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