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Multivitamins a Waste of Money for Heart Health

Eating your vegetables will do more for your heart than multivitamins. American Heart Association (AHA) researchers labelled multivitamins a waste of money.

“Americans who are taking these supplements presumably because they’re concerned about their health would be better served by spending their money on good nutrition in the form of a healthy diet,” Dr. Erin Michos, a cardiologist at Johns Hopkins University, told CBS News.

Vegetables and fruits are a better source of vitamins, Michos said. She apparently recommended fresh produce as better for heart health.

Multivitamins Don’t Work

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Researchers examined 18 studies and found multivitamins did nothing for heart health, the AHA reported. Multivitamins apparently did nothing to reduce cardiovascular disease or premature death.

“Researchers say the best vitamins and minerals come from the produce aisle, not a pill bottle,” CBS claimed. “Fruits and vegetables already have a proven track record in lowering the risk of heart disease and stroke.”

The studies reportedly examined 18 million people over a period of around 12 years. The AHA did not say why multivitamins failed to reduce heart disease.

It is likely that multivitamins give people a false sense of security. Instead of changing their diets people reach for the pill bottle. Those individuals keep eating junk food, and end up with health problems.

Multivitamins can send you to the Emergency Room

To make matters worse, there is evidence multivitamins can be toxic.

“People shouldn’t be under the misconception that just because you can get these over the counter that they’re safe,” Michos claimed. “Each year, an estimated 23,000 individuals are seen in emergency departments across the country due to adverse effects from different supplements.”

It looks as if mother and grandmother were right you should always eat your vegetables. The research proves that natural produce is still the best source of vitamins and minerals in existence.

The best prescription for good heart health is to plant an old-fashioned vegetable garden with natural heirloom seeds. After you plant the garden, you should cook as much of your own food as possible.

The American Heart Association just proved that a traditional off the grid lifestyle is healthier. If you want to avoid heart attacks and other cardiovascular problems you should throw the pill bottles away and plant a garden.

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