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Caring for your Real Fur Coat

An exquisite piece of real fur clothing is the most fashionable treasure in your wardrobe. Who wouldn’t care for the long and glossy life of these real fur treasures?

Know that real maintenance of real fur demands expertise. You cannot fulfill all of it at home. Neither your regular dry cleaner can clean or polish the fur coat, nor can your regular tailor mend the damages. It’s advisable to take your fur coat to a service center that specializes in fur coat cleaning, conditioning, polishing, and repair.

Your fur clothing shall have to pay annual visits to a fur service center for a week. But, for the rest of the year when it stays with you, you must care for it in return for the compliments that it garners for you.

Here are five fundamental tips on caring for your fur coat.

  1. Store carefully – You cannot simply squeeze your coat into a cramped closet. Make ample of room for your fur coat in the wardrobe. Hang it on a long, sturdy hanger to make sure that the collar and the shoulders stay crisp and don’t lose shape. Don’t try to care more by packing it in a garment bag. Let it breathe. Real fur needs generous air circulation to keep it from drying out and turning fragile. Real fur also can’t stand the heat. Ensure minimum humidity in your closet. The temperature shouldn’t be too hot either. Do not use mothballs since they can trigger humidity in your wardrobe.
  2. Do not punch holesAvoid punching holes in your fur coat with brooch pins. And keep that heavy bag off your furry shoulder to save from bald patches. These little attentions will protect your real fur coat from unwanted wear and tear.
  3. Do not leave traces of make-up – Make it a point to complete your touch-ups before wearing the fur coat. You won’t like to end up leaving traces of your face powder, mascara, or lipstick on your fur. Avoid hairsprays and perfumes when wearing a fur coat. The spirit, alcohol, and oil contents in these products can turn your fur dry and stale, leaving a foul odor behind.
  4. Hang it in a well-ventilated area – If you get caught in a drizzle or light snow, the first thing you must do on getting back home is to gently shake out the coat and hang it up at a well-ventilated area of your home to dry. Keep your wet fur away from direct sun rays or heat of any kind. Don’t even think of running a blow dryer over it. Let the air dry your fur naturally. But, if your fur coat is too wet, make haste to take it to the professional fur cleaner.

No crushing the fur – Do not sit in the same position for too long wearing a fur coat. It’s most advisable to pull off the coat while sitting in order to prevent crushing the fur. But if removing the coat isn’t possible, frequent change of sitting positions can help to avoid repeated crushing. You may also try to remove the coat and use it as a blanket while sitting.

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