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Tips You Need to Launch a Great Career as a Cosmetologist

So you have decided your career path? That is really amazing! Cosmetology is a very rewarding career at this point in time. Obviously, you’ll need to join a fashion and beauty school to get the needed skills, knowledge and degree to be a Cosmetologist. But, creating a career does not only depend on the grade certificate you earn in your school. Here we are sharing some pro tips that can help you shine in your industry.

So let’s get started!

Pay attention to the knowledge you get in your school – If you want to excel in your career field you will need to stay away from distractions and focus on your studies. There’s nothing bad in enjoying with friends every now and then but studies should be your primary focus. You don’t only need makeup and fashion accessories to learn the art of cosmetology; but a lot of book studies too. Note down every tip shared by the teacher and practice the practical lessons on your mannequin. You would like to try everything on a real human but you won’t always get one. So, try and practice repeatedly on mannequins.

Start marketing yourself – Building a market reputation takes a good deal of time. So, you’ll need to start marketing as soon as you can. Be active on social media to flaunt your knowledge with your friends and followers. Dress up your mannequin in different hairstyles and share the pictures on your social media. Share some beauty tips on your page. You should also get ready for different looks and be your brand’s model yourself. Remember you won’t gain any positive result if you use filters to enhance your pictures. Use a good moisturizer, sunscreen with the right pH and make your skin naturally flawless. This will build a trust in your follower’s mind that you actually can make them beautiful as you are.

Look outside your books and syllabus – The lesson taught in class are the fundamentals that you must master. But, don’t limit yourself to the fundamentals only. Keep an eye on the fashion trends created by celebrities and try to replicate that on your mannequin or yourself. Know what celebrities looked like in the award functions, what was the getup in the recent hit movies. Try replicating everything and share on the social media with the trendy hashtag for that fashion.

Go beyond the face, hair, and nails – To be a great cosmetologist and not just a good one you’ll need some basic knowledge of the related fields. So, don’t just focus on nails, face, and hair. Learn about color combinations, dressing styles etc. You’ll get clients asking for the suggestion as to what type or color of dress would match with the hairstyle you suggested them. Telling them that you can’t tell about dress or shoes will bring you a bad reputation. So, get yourself ready to make your customers happy and not only beautiful. You’ll also need to master some soft skills to handle customers with a big smile.

Hope to see you rocking the cosmetology and fashion industry.

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