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5 Things To Keep In Mind If You Have Diabetes

Living with diabetes can be uncomfortable. You will have to restrict yourself from some activities and ensure that you take proper nutrition to keep the blood sugar levels from spiking. And if you are someone who suffers from diabetes and is looking for ways to control it and live a full life, then the below tips should come in handy.

Control Carbs

As far as the eating habits are concerned, make sure that you keep your carb intake in check since excessive consumption of carbs can spike your blood sugar levels. It is also ideal to couple your carbs together with protein. This will help you feel fuller by slowing down the digestive process. Normally, an adult male will require about 60 grams of carbs per meal. For women, the figure is lower at around 45 grams. The exact amount of carbs required will depend on your constitution. So, check with your nutritionist as to what your ideal carb intake should be.


People suffering from diabetes can also develop nerve damage, especially on their feet. Also known as neuropathy, this can make your daily life difficult as your feet might develop blisters, swelling, calluses, and so on. A good way to deal with the issue is to ensure that your feet are washed with warm water on a daily basis. In addition, remember to never walk barefoot. Instead, only walk with your slippers or shoes on. For more information about how to deal with this problem, check out the website at

Regular Exercise

Another excellent way to keep blood sugar levels in check is to exercise yourself regularly. It need not be any heavy duty workout. Just a simple 30-minute basic exercise will be sufficient. But make sure that you do get your muscles trained appropriately.  Activities like running, biking, swimming etc. should be good enough exercise for your body. In addition, endorphins are also released during exercise which helps to improve your mood.

Sleep Issues

People suffering from diabetes also have a big chance of developing sleeping issues, especially sleep apnea. In such a condition, a person will find their sleep is interrupted due to inconsistent breathing. And over a period of time, this lack of proper sleep can start affecting their overall mental and physical health. In fact, people might find themselves too tired to actively participate in anything. And if you are suffering from sleep apnea, then it is recommended that you start meditation. This can help you calm you calm your nerves and get some good, uninterrupted sleep at night.


Develop a sense of humor. People who laugh a lot in their lives tend to do better at controlling diabetes than those who lead serious, sedentary lifestyles. This is because humor releases certain hormones that are known to regulate the stress levels of the body. And by lowering the feeling of stress, you will become more relaxed and open to seeing things on a lighter note.

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