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Not Just Any Men’s Fur Coat- Tips to Choose the Right One

Fur coat can make a royal style statement in your wardrobe. Fur coats effortlessly add charisma and class on men’s personality. Well, Fur coat is not just made for women but also for men.

To be precise, it is a daunting task to choose a right type of fur coat. It does take some effort and knowledge to distinguish between a fake fur coat and a real fur coat. Check out some of the below tips to choose the right fur coat for men.

Prioritise the quality

It is advisable to know the different types of fur – before you pick a right one for your man. Real and genuine furs guarantee versatility with no compromise on quality. Some of the best and famous furs to look out for are: Mink, chinchilla, rabbit, beaver, coyote, raccoon, fox, lynx and lamb fur. Fake furs use chemicals and artificial materials, to imitate the real fur. For example, ‘Faux fur’ and ‘eco-fleece’ are some of the replicas of real furs. So, the next time you shop for fur coats – check out the real fur names listed above.

Styling is the key

Once you decide on the type of fur, select the right style and size of fur coat. If you live in a place where it is extremely cold – full length fur coats and knee length fur coats can be perfect choice. If you want something for office wear – shorter coats would be a great choice too. In fact, there are different types of fur coats to suit different climatic conditions. It is absolutely crucial to choose the right size of fur coat to compliment your body type.

Shades and Layers

Amidst the wide variety of colours available, choosing the right fur coat colour to butter up your skin tone is important. Pick colours like black, white, grey or brown – these colours are elegant and can never go wrong with any trend. Layering of clothes beneath fur coat can make you a model instantly. So, while buying the fur coat, ensure there is enough room for other clothes to wear beneath it.

Pick it on budget and wear it right

Fur coats look magnificent but are also heavier on pockets. Amongst all the real furs, mink fur is known to be affordable. Next comes the rabbit fur and fox fur. The most rarest and luxurious of all is ocelot fur.

Some of the other things to consider while trying out any fur coats are: Make sure the fur coat is light on your shoulders to fit comfortably. Also keep in mind that, Fur coats can never be formal – Yes, It’s a big ‘NO’ to wear a fur coat over a jean. Rather, pair it up with trousers and boots to give out a manly statement.

Selecting a right fur coat for your man is definitely not a cake walk. However, the above tips are sure to ease up the process to some extent.  

Happy Shopping!

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