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Curtains – Room Aesthetics and Lighting Solutions

Whether you are planning to overhaul your home decor or just need some new drapes for the living room, the prospect of buying curtains leads you to a lot of options. Curtains are important in completing the theme of the room. They are also there as a partition to give privacy and they offer protection from harsh natural light. Therefore you need to keep all these factors in mind when you pick up your next set.

Know Your Material

Curtain material is as important as design and colour. The textures of your drapes influence many other things like light, ventilation and insulation.


Polyester is one of the most popular fabrics for those buying curtains because it is very easy to maintain. Polyester does not shrink or expand, and it does not wrinkle easily. It can be washed using regular methods. It does have some drawbacks too. Polyester catches fire very easily so it is not a safe choice for kitchens or areas with a fireplace close by. When a polyester curtain gets stained, it can be quite difficult to remove the mark.


Silk curtains are aesthetically very pleasing. The texture of a long silky drape adds elegance to your room decor and silk curtains also allow natural light to flow in. With silk curtains, you have to be extra careful with their maintenance. Silk fabric is dry clean only and silk can also suffer discolouration due to sunlight.


Linen is one of the most comfortable fabric and linen curtains will give your room the added element of a rustic, warm texture. Linen is dirt resistant and lint-free. The disadvantages of linen curtains are that they wrinkle easily and are more difficult to clean up. Linen also shrinks.


Cotton curtains breathe well, adding to the airiness of the room, making them an ideal choice for windows that are frequently opened. They are easy to wash, and a good ironing session will make them look as good as new. Cotton is also considered a better insulator than artificial fabrics.

Understanding Thread Count and Weave

There are some other considerations when you are choosing curtains. The thread count of the fabric is one of them. The higher the thread count, the finer the material. Decorator fabrics like curtains have higher thread counts than clothing fabrics. The type of weave is also important information when you want to determine the strength of the fabric. A satin weave like brocade is more resistant to sun rot. The twill weave ensures a strong fabric. For a more classical and ornate look, you can look at jacquard weave curtain fabrics. The highlight of jacquard is a complex raised pattern which offers a better finish than a printed one.

Clarke and Clarke is one of the top brands of curtains in the UK, boasting a wide array of fabrics, motifs and colours. From formal spaces to vibrant casual areas, there is no dearth of choice. Find the right combination of design and material which will suit your home and add a flourish to your interiors.

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