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The Many Benefits of Your Favourite Brew

Whether it is your familiar Bud or a rare artisan blonde, a brew at the right time can lift moods and help you relax. The most comforting of all drinks, beer is not just tool for unwinding – this ancient form of alcohol has its many health merits too.

Historically, most forms of beers have been consumed as part of a diet, rather than a standalone drink. Made from grains, there are many nutrients in beer that are beneficial to the drinker.

A Solution full of Nutrients

When you gulp a cold one, you are basically taking in a well-prepared solution of multiple minerals and vitamins. Some of the minerals present in beer include magnesium, iron, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, manganese and more. All these minerals have important roles to play in our physiology, from bone health to digestion. Dark beers contain soluble fibre which helps in preventing disorders like gastric, constipation and diarrhoea.

Beer also contains various forms of Vitamin B, which is a crucial nutrient that helps in preserving and making new cells and also reduces anaemia. They say a beer can actually help you de-stress better than wine.

Slimmer than You Thought

Beer gets blamed for a lot of things – e.g. the term ‘beer belly’ refers to a feature that is, in reality, a result of many other factors. In fact, 12 oz of Guinness has fewer calories than the same amount of coke or orange juice. You’re basically enjoying an equivalent of skimmed milk, with a much better buzz. There are beers that contain probiotics, which introduce healthy gut bacteria into your system helping you digest better and improving the efficiency of your metabolism. The fibre in beer also promotes the good kind of cholesterol.

Say No to Kidney Stones

Beer is an awesome drink when it comes to maintaining the health of your kidneys. A study in Finland came to a substantiated conclusion that beer reduces the risk of kidney stones by a significant percentage.

There are so many different types of beer you can experiment with based on your taste preferences and the health benefits. Gluten-free ales are becoming quite the rage and heavy stouts are always a good addition to a nice meal. Low-calorie wheat beers add another option to your list of preferred health drinks. There are many low-carb beers, perfect for those who are trying to slim down. You don’t just have to drink it, you can use it as a cleanser for your face – beer is known to have well-documented skin cleansing properties.

Beer is Healthy and you can learn more about its myriad benefits. It is the most popular drink in the world, existing in so many forms. A versatile brew, it has been part of the common man’s diet for thousands of years. The trick to enjoying the benefits of beer is to drink moderately, as just like any other alcoholic drink, excess consumption will result in more cons than pros. So next time you raise your mug of beer to make a toast, tell your friends that you are all savouring a very healthy drink. 

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