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5 Basic Fundamentals of Couples Therapy

Want your marriage or relationship to be a success?  Of course, you do. Here is what you need to be doing to have a healthy and happy long-lasting relationship with your significant other. Couples therapy or counseling works wonders for partners as well as for their families. You may think therapy is for the faint hearted; well it is also for the strong hearted.

If either one or both partners are suffering from any kind of addiction or abuse it is best for both to seek help together. Doing therapy together not only stops or helps withdraw from the addiction but also helps them understand each other individually. There are various couple rehab centers to help couples with any kind of psychological issues. Ideally, the couple should experience or go to therapy together.

Given below are some of the fundamentals of couple therapy that you should know.

Relationship is viewed differently

You should start seeing and taking your relationship in a more objective way. It helps to develop the relationship, making it stronger. You see each other differently and that makes it easier for you to accept one another. In an argument, instead of playing the ‘blame game,’ try and examine each one’s behavior and see what or who actually caused the argument.

Appreciation and Expression of love for one another

The key to a healthy relationship is ‘appreciation.’ A small ‘thank you’ is enough to make your partner feel good. Talk about the good things your partner does. Hearing this will make them feel content and happy. All this contributes to a happy and successful therapy.

Having a healthy communication

A healthy communication is a must. Hiding or avoiding any type of conversation is not a good sign. Couples must be open to one another. This principle makes it easier for couples to be more honest with their partner which in turn is beneficial for their relationship.

Focusing on each other’s needs

Talking together as a ‘couple in therapy’ helps you learn things about your partner that you never knew otherwise. You come to know and understand wants and desires. This can help you achieve what you want as a couple together. Instead of crushing each other’s dreams or desires, this principle allows you to work together and achieve what you both want.

Encourage Positive Strengths

Couples therapy not only improves the relationship but also ensures and encourages positive attributes between the couple. This helps the couple to become more giving towards each other and be much more focused on improving their relationship rather than trying to control one another.

Couples therapy varies with different people as the problem may not always be the same. Regular therapy together makes it easier for the couple to focus and work on their relationship. When both partners attend therapy sessions together, it makes the relationship more stable and healthier, and helps the couple live a better life. For more information and other rehab details, please visit

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