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Weight Loss Fads- What You Should Try and Which Ones to Skip?

Weight loss will always be a popular topic of discussion, thanks to the modern lifestyle. Now, here’s the irony, the modern lifestyle can boost your weight loss in several ways, it can also get you just as distracted. The choice is truly yours! Sounds a little mind boggling? Let us simply it for you. With the advent of technology, you can reach out for a dumbbell while on a Skype call with your business partner. No time for gym? Switch to an online trainer and you can workout at your time from the place of your convenience.

Now, here’s the pitfall of modern lifestyle, on the other had it bombards you with junk food, right from that big poster of a juicy, hot fried chicken wings to the push notifications of food ordering app. Food (junk food to be precise) is everywhere and can get difficult to avoid. Under this setting, if you are choosing to go on a diet, you will need commendable willpower. More than that, you will need guidance.

Here are the do’s:

The Eat frequently diet-  Here is an important determiner of a successful diet plan.  Go for a diet plan that allows you to eat small proportions every two hours. These diets ensure that you do not go hungry as starvation (from cutting down calories mindlessly) is known to add to body weight instead of aiding weight loss.

The Vegetarian diet- Yes, the no meat diet can work wonders. It does not only help to clean you your plate, it also limits the junk food choices for you, there by encouraging you to eat healthy and eat fresh with every food intake. This is a diet that champions the cause of the leafy greens and are known to have a lasting effect with several health benefits.

Now comes the don’t:

The No carb diet :- Since time immemorial, carbs have been levelled as the bad guys, the deterrents of weight loss. But just like fats, there are good carbs and bad carbs, and while the no carb diet can initially work wonders, eliminating a complete food group is never going to survive the long run. Anyway, the trick with carb is to know what, when and how much.

The Liquid diet :- Unless you are planning to walk the ramp in the next couple of days, stay away from diets that promote juicing or souping as its components. This does not only drastically cut calories but also nutrition, thereby leaving you weak and plagued with fatigue.

Eating mindfully can cause you to eliminate a lot of calories that you take in unconsciously, (like the sugar with every cup of tea, for example). All said and done, here’s the timeless advice on weight loss: nothing beats the eat, exercise, repeat trio. Eat healthy, workout daily and maintain consistency to see long term results. Do what you will, but just don’t get caught up in the mesh of weight loss fads. Finding your way back to reality can get difficult!

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