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6 Tips For Better Results From A Low Calorie Diet

If you are overweight and are planning to start a low-calorie diet to get rid of the excess fat, you should ensure that you are fully prepared for it. This involves knowing which foods to eat, the best cooking method to cut down carbs, eating styles to control hunger, and so on. Below, we look at six such tips that can help you squeeze the best results from a low-calorie diet.

Use Lean Meat

If you plan on eating meat, then make sure that you only eat lean meat. Look for the lean cuts from the loin, round, and sirloin region, and mostly stay away from other cuts. And if you are into chicken, then avoid red meat, and only choose to eat the white meat. And that too without any skin.

Cut Down Sugar

Cut down all your sugar consumption, whether it be from coffee, doughnuts, pastries, or other sources. Even if you get a craving for sugar, use a sugar substitute instead of real sugar. Without reducing your sugar consumption, it would be foolish to expect any lasting success from your low-calorie diet.

Drain The Oil

If you are deep frying your foods, then make sure that you keep the fried item in a raised platform and let the oil drain out. Only after sufficient oil has been drained off should you think of eating them.

Use Lots Of Veggies

It is inevitable that you will feel hunger pangs every now and then during the low-calorie diet, at least for the initial days. To control them, try eating large quantities of vegetables. Not only do they supply you with the nutrients required for your body, but because they have very low calories, you can easily eat a lot of them and fill your stomach without being afraid of hitting your daily calorie intake limits.

Cooking Method

Change your cooking method to make the meals healthier. For example, if you have a habit of eating fried chicken most afternoons, replace it with grilled chicken. This alone will help you avoid taking in the large quantities of fat from the fried chicken every single day. Look out for other healthier ways to cook, and try to implement them in your home.

Bigger Size

When cutting the vegetables and other items, make sure to cut them into sufficiently big sizes. This offers two benefits. Firstly, you will be chewing a lot more, which will make your stomach feel full. Secondly, bigger size means that only a smaller portion of the food comes into contact with the hot oil when cooking, helping you reduce the consumption of oils.

Since you plan to do a low-calorie diet, it would be better if you choose to commit to something that has been tried and tested by many, like the HCG diet plan. You can find more information about the plan by visiting the link at Just remember to stick with your low-calorie diet for the prescribed time period. Don’t chicken out right after the program starts just because you can’t handle a low-calorie diet. If you follow the guidelines of the program, you will definitely lose weight.

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