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Top Hairstyles to make you Look Hot and Happening

Innovative hairstyles can draw out your best features and exaggerate your style quotient fitfully. However just like the trending tracks on a musical countdown show, many of these fashion statements fizzle out even before you can start enjoying your new look. Given such a situation, would it not be a good idea to invest in an evergreen hairstyle that transcends all generations and looks as good today as it did in the past? It is indeed time to bid goodbye to avoidable hair styles and embrace the latest designs that always remain in vogue and never look outdated. Here, we have attempted to collate some of the finest and most adored haircuts for women that render a cut above the rest. Check out for yourself.

The Scarlett

Ranking high on the list of sexy short haircuts, this style features a smart length in the fringe region and on the top. If styled to perfection, you end up gaining a sweeping side fringe with amazing texture. There is a lot of attitude ingrained in this asymmetric cut. As it plays around with numerous textures, this pixie cut makes for many attractive styling possibilities. Additionally, the presence of longer layers on the top eases out the growing-in phase that lingers between two salon appointments.

Face Framer

If you wish to sport an asymmetrical cut that flaunts volumes of textures and a height that’s enough to make heads turn, the ‘face framer’ cut is the right one for you. Framing your facial features in different layers, such a hairstyle gives off a nice fashionable vibe and is the right way to go for those with squarish jawlines. The different layers present in this cut imparts an attractive frame and is capable of highlighting the appeal of any long or medium cut.

Beach Waves

Requiring minimal makeup for enhancing the statement laid down by them, a beach waves cut needs minimal upkeep and sheds off its very own effortless style. Vibrant yet glamorous, it flaunts a universal look and is often donned by everyday beauty lovers and red-carpet stars alike.

Soft Layers

How about trying out a soft-flowing, feminine cut that’s the ultimate in ‘just blow-dry and take off styles’? All that you have to do to appear fuss-free and elegant across the day is go for choppy layers that are tapered just a few inches at the lower ends. They add to the movement of lengthy strands and offer oodles of versatility. In this kind of cut, a longer fringe allows for a beautiful style that appears good no matter which way it’s parted. If you still nurture the desire of making your favorite Disney princess jealous with your soft curly texture then this may just be the chance that you’ve been waiting for.

Blunt Bangs

Bangs skimming the brows are always in fashion and are considered to be a hairstyle in themselves. Even if you happen to style yourself with all hair pulled backwards, a nice fringe would still help you enjoy a beautiful, dressed-up feeling.

The Long Bob

Also referred to as LOB, the long bob is an attractive hairstyle with the one-size-fits-all alternative for you; it is especially of good use if you happen to be stuck with a hairstyle that’s no longer your passion and would like to grow out of the same in the most graceful of ways. This style is young and modern and offers a lot of edge. It also happens to be an interesting beginning for those women who are a bit apprehensive about cutting their existing hair length.

Two-toned Ringlets

If you are the mistress of a warm complexion then you need to flatter the same with a hair color shade that’s equally warm. For instance, tone-on-tone blonde honey shade would give off two distinct colors to make your tousled curls shine with the appropriate levels of contrast. The overlying appeal of this hairstyle is that it is effortless and imparts a salon-like look at all times. The cut has a casual, not-too-perfect look that is bed-roomy. In other words, these two-toned ringlets are sexy!

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