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Burn Belly Fat Quickly with Right Supplements

You would surely love to choose the areas where you can reduce and lose your fat content, right? In most cases, it’s the belly fat that needs the most attention and is a tough nut to crack for men and women beyond a certain age. As per experts, there are many types of exercises that are effective in reducing belly fat. The more you exercise the faster are your chances of losing the accumulated fat in your abdominal area. The best ways of gaining weight control, along with exercising and overall lifestyle changes, is by eating less and drinking at least four liters of water on a daily basis.

Then, there are some effective fat-burning supplements that are also useful for handling the same purpose. Its best to use these supplements under medical supervision as they may have certain adverse effects in specific cases.  Given below are some helpful food items and ingredients for burning belly fat.

Caffeine and green tea

Out of all the fat-burning substances that are known to give off good results, green tea happens to the best of them all. Ranking on the list of the better options for reducing fat in the belly area, green tea variants are a coveted choice for people looking for easy ways of burning fat. Along with green tea, caffeine is also known to escalate the overall fat burning process. Once you develop the taste of green tea, which may seem a little pungent to your taste buds in the beginning, you would surely want to make it the choicest beverage on your menu. Green tea is free from calories and is considered as an effective solution for helping the weight loss results being brought about by regular exercise regimes. As per a study report published in 2011, green tea comprises of an active combine of caffeine and catechins that’s responsible for aiding more fat burning and energy expenditure.

Carnitine: Burns belly fat the easy way

If you delve deep into the properties of carnitine when it performs as a fat-burner, you would understand why it has to be supplemented in your diet. The overall carnitine levels in your body can be maintained at the required levels by consuming food items that are rich in the same. You may also like to add some carnitine supplements to reach the required levels. The right way of taking carnitine supplements lies in complementing it with plenty of carbohydrates for at least six months.

Regular intake of carnitine supplements usually leads to an increase in fat burning. However, to attain the best possible effects, any given supplement has to be consumed for a long period only; going for this fat burning ingredient for just a few weeks will not be a practical means of losing your weight. Reduction of belly fat in itself is a cumbersome affair and you need to work on it regularly to get your first compliments.

Some other fat burning supplements

As per a review published in the popular Journal of Obesity, as recent as in 2011, there are some evidences for Irvingia gabonensis, pyruvate, and chitosan, conjugated linoleic acid as being helpful in this regard. The same report suggests that chia seeds and Garcinia cambogia may not be as promising ingredients as the others as far as weight loss is concerned. The report also provides good enough evidence that forskolin, chromium, fucoxanthin and kelp may not be ideal weight loss supplements.

Fat-burning supplements: Important pointers

A Consumer Reports article, published in the year 2006, states that fat-burning supplements such as 5-HTP (5-hydroxytryptophan) and bitter orange (

citrus aurantium) are known to show some serious side effects. In fact, the latter may lead to anxiety, faster heart rate, and chest pain that has to be catered to on an emergent basis. On the other hand, 5-HTP may lead to inflammation, gastrointestinal issues and severe joint pains. There are also reports of certain herbal fat-burning supplements using guggul tree, usnic acid, and other extracts that may lead to liver failure.

Burn your belly fat with supplements

If chosen the right way, and after consultation with health and diet advisors, some products like the fat burner by Rexx Sports Nutrition can help you get rid of belly fat in the easiest of ways. Alongside, you also need to match up your efforts with the right kinds of exercise, cardio, strength training and so forth to gain optimal results. The right cardio regime will be instrumental in burning fat from your belly and most other places; strength training aids the building up of newer and stronger muscles; etc. In other words, by intaking supplements, you can expect wonders for your fitness goals.

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