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Tying The Knot On A Boat: Six Reasons Why It’s A Better Idea

Everyone follows the crowd and everyone wants to fit in, but how about once in your life you rise above everyone else, decline conformities and do something special on your wedding day like getting married with sea-legs?

Not only will this unique venue make your wedding one of the most memorable days of your life and that of your guests’, but will also benefit you with all its perks.

Here are a few reasons why it’s a good idea:

  • You Won’t Have To Invite The People You Don’t Like:

It’s an established fact that not everyone gets invited on the boat, only the closest and most favourite people get the honours. Hence, a wedding on a boat will not only save you from the awkwardness of smiling to the people you don’t like, but will also save you from all the drama that happens with these type of guests.

  • You Get To Enjoy Some Water Sports:

On land, the wedding hosts have to go a long way to plan all the fun activities and create magical, extraordinary and memorable memories. On the boat, these people just need to encourage people to jump in the water. At the very most, the only thing the hosts will have to arrange for would be a bunch of bathing suits and some water supplies.

  • You Can Save Money:

Yes, you read that right. A wedding on a boat in Australia is much cheaper than one on land. The hosts actually don’t have to buy the boat per se. All they need is to rent one and it asks for much less money. What’s more is that most renting companies offer their own decorators, florists, and entertainers and when it’s all in one place, it’s easy on the pockets.

  • Wedding Photos:

With the setting sun in the background, beautiful sky on the horizon, and all your lovely friends and family dressed in their very best, the photographer will get to take photos worth winning awards. Moreover, you can also re-enact the renowned pose from the Titanic or maybe something from the Pirates of the Caribbean.

  • No Interruptions:

This always happens on land. The happy bride and the bridegroom are just saying the most important vows of their lives when a honk in the background rudely interrupts them, or worse, when the police or the ambulances’ siren choose just that moment to blare loudly. Kind of dampens the mood, doesn’t it? There are no interruptions like these in the serene calm of the waters.

  • No Fuss over the Theme:

It takes a long time, lots of arguments, second guessing, mind changing and whatnot to decide on a wedding theme. However, on a boat, the theme is already set and all you need to do is show up.

We all know where the magic happens, so don’t let your comfort zone keep you tied on the land. Allow yourself to walk away from the normal things for once and enjoy a happening, lively and fun-filled wedding!

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