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If You See A Bag With Water Over A Neighbors Door, That’s What It Means

We all wait for summer to enjoy sun, fresh air walks, beach parties and of course a family barbecue or a picnic. Those who live in a nice cottage house somewhere in a green suburb have the game in hands. However, there’s one little thing that could ruin your plans for cool outdoor activities. Flies and other insects. These beasts teamed up with the summer heat can make the place too hot for you.

But don’t hurry to hide your skewers back on a dark shelf as we have a solution to handle this problem.

You need:

  • Zipper bag (the one you use for sandwiches);
  • Lemon juice;
  • Salt;
  • Shiny change;
  • Water.

Mix 2 ½ cups of water with lemon juice and salt. You may need to use half a lemon, but if it’s too small, don’t hesitate to squeeze the whole fruit. Pour this mixture in a plastic bag and make sure it’s waterproof. But before you zip the bag, drop in change. Ta-da! Your anti-fly device is ready! Now you need to fix it on a door-post outside with a paperclip or nail

Of course you want to know the reason of its effectiveness. Actually, it’s no magic, but sheer science. Unlike humans, flies have vision which can’t control the amount of light that enters their eyes. Therefore, change works as little mirrors and reflects light which doesn’t let them focus. The sun does all dirty work! In case you want to double the effect, place one bag nearby, and flies won’t stand a chance to spoil your day!

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