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Beauty Essentials When you’re Going on Vacation

You’ve bought yourself an all-inclusive trip in the Caribbean and you’re already picturing yourself enjoying your cocktail by the beach with your new acquired bikini? I travel light at My Packing List and trust me that the less is more in beauty. For this situation, our beauty pouch is the Organize Pouch. Inside: Aromas strong fragrance stick, mascara, cocoa eye liner, eye shadow, eye brush and lip medicine. Missing: strong sunscreen  and tweezers. The BB Cream goes about as an foundation and lotion, so we will place that in our toiletries (or liquid) pack. If going carry-on just, the mascara may need to go in liquid pack too.

While figuring out what should to go into your basic travel beauty kit, you need to choose what kind of traveller you are. Are you a low key traveller who is fine with lip balm and tinted moisturiser? On the other hand would you say you are a fashionista who wants to bring all of the pieces including each shade of eye shadow and lipstick?As with every other packing list, start with the basics and build your essential beauty kit from there. Look for products that can double up, like blush and lip colour or brown pencils.

But there are a few things to keep in mind if you want to come back to the Motherland with the same healthy skin as when you left.

1. Sunscreen

I know this is a clear one. Be that as it may, you’ll frequently forget about it when gotten at the time and this likely is the greatest mistake any travellers could do. I’ll advise you in getting a 50 SPF sunscreen. You essentially need to convey a little bottle with you at all time and be prepared to apply the product consistently.

2. Bliss Foot Patrol Aloe Leaf

Well, let’s say you forget your sunscreen somewhere or even if you used a sunscreen and then your sensitive skin witnessed the sun’s wrath. The best remedy here would be first to get in the shade, then apply a fine layer of aloe on the red areas. You’ll quickly feel better and your skin will also heal faster.

3. Thermal water

Thermal water will turn into your best friend after sunscreen. When you’ll feel a burning sensation, apply a touch of warm water on the sensitive region. You’ll quickly feel refreshed. I’m strongly recommended you to get Avene Thermal Spring Water.

4. SPF lip balm

A few lip balms with SPF are available and protect the delicate skin of your lips from the searing sun. You can also get some that repair your harmed skin, for example, Herbacin Kamille Lip balm .

5. La Mer Micellar purging water

Make-up removal and clearance that will remove any impurities on your face. Imagine returning to your in hotel room around evening time before heading out and basically applying that product for a quick refresh.

You don’t need to bring a huge make-up bag when you’re going on vacation. I’d suggest you in bringing a few essential products along that are required. Make Your beauty kit as basic as simple, and you should, too! Why? Because travel makes you cheerful, and happy people are beauty!




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