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Wedding Photography Preparation: 5 Tips For Couples

Your wedding day is one of the most memorable and significant days in your life. It’s a day when you officially declare it to the world about your lifetime commitment to grow old with your spouse. You must freeze every moment of this beautiful day of your life in an everlasting photo album. And in this regard, who could help you better than a wedding photographer?

While your wedding photographers would do their job, you too should do your part to make things go smooth. Remember, wedding photographers are professionals vested to do their job with perfection and to the client’s satisfaction. However, you must ensure that everything is arranged well so that they get the best environment to click jaw-dropping photographs. Follow the five simple tips given below and your wedding photographer will give you the best photographs that you and your spouse will cherish forever.

Select The Photographer

First things first! Make a list of the best-known wedding photographers in your area and meet a few of them personally. For instance, if you stay in Oakland, California or Portland, Oregon, you must have e&b photography right at the top of your list.

Meeting the photographers personally would give you a better insight into their quality of work. And if you happen to spark a connection with one of them, that’s even better. It will allow you and the photographer to break the ice that will help immensely during the photoshoot session.

Seal The Budget And The Contract

This might sound dull, nevertheless, important. Work out a good budget for wedding photography so that there’s no tiff over money issues with the photographer later. We do suggest a liberal budget because these photographs would remain with you forever as beautiful memories. But, if you are forced to work on a tight budget, look for quality photographers who would fit your bill. Make sure to sign the contract in advance after thoroughly reading the terms and conditions.

Decide A List Of Shots

Yes, the wedding photographers have a wide gallery of shots in their kit. However, you must be having your list of favorites too. Make a list of your most desired shots and hand it over to the photographer. That’s not all. You also should inform the photographer about the shots you don’t want in your album. Furthermore, give your photographer a tentative number of couple shots and group shots that you’d want. The photographer will proceed accordingly.

Inform The Photographer About Your Getup

Inform the photographers in advance about your wedding makeup and outfit. You can also send them some of your best photographs to let them know the kind of look that you’d like. This shall help them plan things accordingly.

Ask The Relatives To Keep The Cameras Aside

We understand the excitement of your friends and family on your wedding day. They’re here to make memories as well. It might get awkward to stop an Uncle Bob from taking pictures while the wedding photographers are at work. It’s better to ask the invitees in advance to keep aside their cameras and just enjoy being clicked by the professional photographers you hired.

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